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The number 7

is many things to many different people. When one hears of seven one is reminded of the following:
Seven Wonders of the World
Seven Seas
Seven Continents
Seven Promises and Seven rounds in a Hindu Wedding (Saptapadi)
Seven Swaras in Indian music (Sapta Swaras)
The Seven Samurai
The Seven stars (Saptarshi)
The Seven year itch
The Seven deadly sins (automatically the movie Se7en comes to mind as well)
Lord Voldemort split his soul into Seven parts
Seven heavens in Islam
The Seven Chakras
Seven days in a week
All mammals' and brids' necks have Seven bones (with very few exceptions)
Seven colours of a Rainbow
the denominator in Pi
Seven Hills of Rome
Beckham's jersey number at Manchester United
James Bond (007)
777 the number of God.

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